1. This is an open contest. Anyone may participate in ICFP Programming Contest 2024 except for the ICFP 2024 Contest organizers.
  2. No advance registration or entry fee is required.
  3. Contestants are free to organise themselves into teams of any size. A contestant may only be a member of a single team. Teams may not divide, merge, or collaborate after the start of the contest.
  4. Teams are free to use any programming language(s) on any platform(s).
  5. Teams must register shortly before or during the contest to obtain credentials. Teams using more than one set of credentials during the contest will be disqualified.
  6. Teams wishing to be considered for prizes must submit source code at the end of the contest. The exact details of contest submissions will be announced at the start of the contest. Teams may submit multiple times during the contest, and their best scores will be shown on the live scoreboard.
  7. To keep the end result hidden until the ICFP conference, part the live scoreboard will be frozen near the end of the lightnight round and near the end of the complete contest. Specifically, from 22 to 26 hours into the contest and from 70 hours into the contest (so 2 hours around the relevant moments), the scores for the top 10 teams will be hidden.
  8. The Organizers retain the right to monitor, record, and investigate the submissions, other contest-related activities, or lack thereof, of contestants and teams. The records are used for the sole purpose of judgment and are discarded once the contest-related events are over.
  9. Contestants are kindly asked not to attempt to attack the contest server. That will spoil the fun for the other teams and the Organizers, who worked hard to bring you this experience. Violations of these rules, attempts to compromise the integrity of the contest infrastructure, attempts to interfere with other contestants, collusion between the teams, or attempts to contravene the spirit of the contest will lead to disqualification of the involved contestants and/or teams.
  10. Contestants retain ownership of all intellectual property rights in and to any submitted solutions, source code, custom tools, and related materials (“Submissions”) that contestants had before submission. As a condition of submission, contestants grant the Organizers a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, publish, distribute, publicly perform and publicly display the Submissions, allowing the Organizers to test and evaluate the Submissions for purposes of the contest.
  11. All decisions of the Organizers are final.